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Bobba Beads

Bobba Beads creates handmade jewelry and affordable, luxury bracelets using high-quality beads made from natural stones, semi-precious gems, wood and a variety of metals. Like you, your family and friends, each bead is different, colorful and special. Your Bobba Bead design is one of a kind.

Living in Harlem since 2011, Designer Kerlin "Teno" Ponce was born in Honduras and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Bobba Beads was created in honor of his late-grandmother, Dr. Barbara “Bobbi” Carlson, as a way of sharing her love of jewelry with you.

Our goal is to design beautiful, colorful and more importantly, wearable pieces that will bring joy, positivity, love and peace to everyone that wears them. Each bracelet is mindfully designed to celebrate who you are, and each Bobba Bead order comes with a mindful intention card that contains a positive and uplifting message created to support your inner journey.