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Maison De Foy

Founded by Chloë Mitchell, Maison De Foy is a luxury scented soy candle company. It is hand poured and blended in NYC.

I do my best to feel good in whatever environment I’m in & that has always reflected in the way I live my life at home. My obsession with poetry, flowers & candles is the embodiment of who I am at my core. These elements bring a sense of calm, happiness, & inspiration.

As a poet, author, & creative director, Maison De Foy is complementary to my everyday lifestyle. Every candle is named after someone or something of significance in my life. In addition, each candle is infused with real flowers & flower crumbs that are representative to their appropriate titles & scents. There is a personalized quote inscribed on the label of each candle that I’ve written myself that describes how the scent made me feel & who or what it is dedicated to.

Named after my Grandmother Janice Foy, Maison De Foy embodies selflessness, motivation, & love, which is everything that she gave me. She was my home away from home & this is my thank you to her for helping raise the woman that I am today. Maison De Foy is where poetry & wax collide.