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Zeep Box - Natural Soaps


The Zeep Gift Box contains 8 bars of 3oz, one of each of the following signature soaps: Spring Ephemerals, Summer Night Chorus, Fall Foliage, Winter Solitude, Water Bodies, Mountain Range, Flower Meadows, Emerald Waves. Zeep’s soaps can also be used as a shampoo bar; they are caring and gentle, for both you and nature.


Common ingredients
USDA certified organic olive and castor oil, organic shea butter, coconut, almond, and laurel berry oil.
Sodium hydroxide (lye), sodium lactate (liquid salt), titanium dioxide (mineral)
The percentage of oils used make for an ideal balance in qualities related to hardness, cleansing, conditioning, leathering, and creaminess. All soaps are free of synthetic additives, plastic, palm oil, and animal fats.

Flower Meadows
Essential oils: bergamot, rosemary, basil
Botanical colorants: pink kaolin clay, spinach powder, pumpkin powder

Mountain Range
Essential oils: fir, pine, sage, cedarwood
Botanical colorant: spinach powder

Water Bodies
Essential oils: bergamot, rosemary, basil, tea tree
Botanical colorant: indigo powder

Emerald Waves *
Essential oils: fir, pine, sage, cedarwood
Botanical colorants: spinach powder, alfalfa powder

Spring Ephemerals *
Essential oils: peppermint, fir, rosemary, tee trea
Botanical colorants: kaolin clay, indigo powder, spinach powder

Summer Night Chorus *
Essential oils: orange, lavender, cedarwood
Botanical colorants: pumpkin powder, orange peel powder, spinach powder, activated charcoal

Fall Foliage *
Essential oils:tangerine – cinnamon leaf – clove
Botanical colorants alkanet powder, madder root powder, pumpkin powder, orange peel powder, purple clay

Winter Solitude *
Essential oils: tea tree, cinnamon leaf
Botanical colorants: indigo powder, activated charcoal

* Exfoliating soap, contains pumice stone

If you are looking to ditch the plastic usage in your bath and beauty routine, bar soap is a great way to go. I try my hardest to ship everything in recyclable or compostable packaging as much as possible.

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